Sustainable Fashion

I created this collection in collaboration with my students of the 2nd year of Ekotextil design, for the European Parliament event “The end of the plastic age?”. I conceived this concept directly from the DNA of my new school department –  from the new identity and the role of contemporary sustainable fashion designer. Today, besides to be an artist, the designer also becomes a scientist and researcher. His studio is transformed into a “laboratory”, it is increasingly necessary to learn to collaborate across disciplines with a number of professionals. It is necessary to seek for the  new possibilities, processes, materials, to explore the environment, and in this way the designer of today by his work actively advocates the restoration of the world balance. The models are made of deferred clothing, to which the value has been added  through natural processes, such as dyeing and eco printing by local plants.

Collection “Inez” in cooperation with Karolína Juříková, created for the Moravian Gallery Brno at occasion of the exhibition of textile artist Inez Tuschnerová, 2018-2019.

Foto: Veronika Čechmánková

Model: Ela Alexandra